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Pure Polyester Powder Coatings Pure Polyester Powder Coatings are based on carboxyl terminated polyester resin and TGIC mainly used for exterior purpose and external application with the excellent outdoor durability and good chemical resistance with very good adhesion properties.
Epoxy Powder Coating Epoxy powder coatings we offer excellent application & performance characteristics. We tightly controlled particle size distribution provides extremely good first pass transfer efficiencies and edge coverage, along with the smoothest film available.
UV Powder Coating We provider service UV powder coating brings together the best aspects of powder coating Less waste, No VOCs, A one-coat process. Cost Comparisons of UV powder coating versus other forms of coating such as liquid and vinyl thermoforming.
Biggest Powder Coating Service Provider Our traditional strengths are built on a willingness to listen to customers' finishing needs and offer cost effective solutions, whilst achieving the tight deadlines within the Big Est Power Coating Industry.
Powder Coating Service Provider We offer service of Powder coating is an economical and environmentally friendly method of applying decorative and protective finishes to a wide variety of materials and products that are used by industry and consumers.
Corona System Corona charging guns work by bombarding powder particles sprayed from the gun with charged particles called ions. The corona charging process beings with a potential or voltage applied to one or more electrodes near the front of the gun.
Mitsubishi Tribo Guns Tribostatic guns are especially suitable for difficult coating jobs where there are many recesses or empty spaces, and powder sprayed by corna guns wouldn't penetrate without manual touch-up.
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